If you love to travel new places, you can enjoy three unique traits of every place you visit. These three traits are topography, demography, and culinary uniqueness. When you will be visiting at Reykjavík, besides topography and demography, you will get to enjoy some culinary delicacy of the place, which is delicious, vigorous, and worth enjoying for its uniqueness. Four such food dishes are mentioned for your Reykjavík devour.

Fish and chips

Fish and chip are two most popular local foods that tourists like to eat in plenty. In fact, Icelanders love to eat fish. Fish is sold here in many ways: fried fish is widely popular as snacks. Fish chips are equally famous here. Here you will get to purchase fried fish in roadside restaurants as well as inexpensive restaurants will also serve you the same food with great taste and crafty preparation.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are yummy food options for Icelander tourists. In fact, tasty hot dogs are available in wide range of restaurants here in Reykjavík, which you can enjoy anytime you want. Mostly cooked with a blend of lamb, pork, beef, and natural casings these hot Dogs are served with sauce, sweet mustard, fried onions, raw onions, etc.

Skyr Yogurt

It is a local dairy product made with milk but it is a low calorie dairy product. Prepared with original Icelandic Skyr ethnicity and skim milk procured by local family-run farmers, Skyr Yogurt is different from any other yoghurt available at Reykjavík. It’s undoubtedly thick and creamy, but it is not heavy for the stomach. However, it is a low-fat dairy food, which you can enjoy at random.

Meat soup

Meta soup in Reykjavík restaurants is a great delicacy and people love it for its simplicity of ingredients and great taste. The soup is cooked with different options of meat and but all varieties are excellent in taste. It is available in almost all Reykjavík restaurants, but it is always wise to order the soup from reputed restaurants only.

These are top 4 food dishes famous in Reykjavík at Iceland.  The prices for these foods cannot be stated at one go. It may vary from one place to another. However, before deciding on food menu you may check restaurant review of Iceland Buddy. This article on restaurants in Reykjavík will help you to decide a scrumptious culinary tour at Reykjavík.