East Asia’s cuisine is an immensely popular aspect of Asian travel. Asia’s food is unique due to its many different aspects of Asian culture as well as Asian agriculture. In many respects, East Asia’s history is distinguished by its cultural isolationism. Historically, the Chinese classified China as the centre of the world, so they often felt no need to explore the cultures of other countries.

East Asia has almost every possible biome, such as cold and hot deserts, prairies, temperate climates, and rainforests. Furthermore, East Asia’s coast spans for thousands of kilometres. As a result, the country can raise almost any type of plant or animal, simultaneously reducing the need to explore other countries. The rich soil has also allowed Asian countries to grow unique vegetables that are not found anywhere else.

For example, the Szechuan pepper is only found in China’s Sichuan Province. Therefore, if you want to eat authentic Szechuan food, you have to find peppers that have previously been grown in the provincial area. To learn more about Asian food and to experience the culture, you should visit the Asian town on holiday.

Visiting on Holiday

An Asian holiday is not complete until you eat the country’s cuisine. In order to find a restaurant that prepares quality food, you should ask the locals. If you are planning your holiday, you should also seek advice from local residents. If you do not know any locals, you need to hire a tour company that does.

For example, Backyard Travel hires locals to help create unique tours that feature all of Asia’s best aspects. The food is incredibly unique and appealing, but its distinct taste is foreign to many Western palates. As mentioned earlier, Szechuan peppers are mostly grown in a specific China province. Therefore, if you have ordered Szechuan chicken in the UK, you likely have not eaten it as it was originally intended.

Ask the Locals

Asking the locals is the best way to find authentic Asian cuisine, especially in less-visited areas such as Thailand and Myanmar.  In these areas, the available food is more unique and less-known to Western visitors. So, if you want to have a successful holiday, you need to choose a tour company that employs locals and frequent visitors.

Furthermore, your tour company’s size is equally important. The economy of many Asian countries is somewhat closed, so you have to know the right people in order to form connections to the best restaurants. Therefore, you need a company that is large enough to have good connections. A large company also has economic ties to many different hotels and restaurants, so you are more likely to receive a great price if you choose a sizeable company.

However, you should not select a company with a vastness that prevents you from actually talking to a human being. Instead, you need a company big enough to negotiate and plan on your behalf but small enough to treat you as a valued customer rather than another number. Finding the right balance is important.