The month of November is almost upon us, and it’s that time where the weather gets just a little chilly but not too much also, which is one of the reasons why taking a trip in this month makes sense! We’ve got all kinds of cool places lined up, that just bring the fun and magic out of the month of November when you’re visiting them. A quick tip for people that don’t have their own transport, try renting bikes from online, as they provide super-cool bikes in almost every major city. So let’s get to it!


The city of Varanasi just lights up with a little bluish hue and just that right amount of haze and fog in the month of November. Home to the religious banks of Ganga, the place is always bustling with travellers and pilgrims. Varanasi gets really hot and humid during other times which makes the vacation any time other than the winters a drag to be honest. When the cold is just approaching, like it does in November, the city gets that amazing coolness that will make any ones trip here an experience to remember. If you want to visit the local sightseeing you can rent Honda Activa or Hire Royal Enfield in Varansi.

    Andaman & Nicobar

A pretty rad place situated smack in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar islands are not much visited by tourists, as in it isn’t mainstream, which is why it’s a great place to chill and spend your time without the burden of being over-crowded. And in the month of November is where the magic happens here. Just after the rains end, everything becomes so fresh and exploring the many islands becomes an obsession once there. Do check it out!


God’s own country provides a heavenly time if you visit there in November. Green everything, it’s an all-you-can-see buffet for amazing landscapes and the weather just becomes super-cool, not the kind that freezes you but the kind that makes you feel you’re in a hill station even though you’re not. This state and all that it has to offer is a must check out if you’re planning a vacation in the month of November.


Pushkar is a lovely place to set your eyes on in the month of November. Falling under Ajmer district in Rajasthan, it has come to be a famous travel destination for the amazing ambience and the Great Pushkar Mela or fate. And it gets even better in the month of November as the weather gets that nice kind of cool that makesyour visit that much better. Rent a bike in Ajmer and take a road trip to visit Pushkar in 45 minutes approximately.


Mention the coming winters and you don’t mention Goa? Impossible! The amazing beaches, the Goan way of life, and definitely its parties, all bounce and shine up with that freshness in the month of November, which makes taking a trip to Goa a mandatory thing to do in November. Just rent a self drive bikes in Goa and check out all the amazing scenes that it has to offer, and let us warn you, there are a lot!Also the weather and climate that follows through to Goa after September & October, make Goa visit able from November all the way up to January or February, which makes it a must visit in the month of November.