If you frequently use a rideshare service to get from a to b and want to ensure that your rideshare drivers, take the shortest routes possible, simply continue reading to discover 5 ways to ensure that your driver, takes the shortest route possible!

Five ways to ensure that your rideshare driver, takes the shortest route possible:

  1. Sit, in the front passenger seat and give your driver directions

If you feel comfortable, sitting in the front passenger seat, do so. As if your rideshare driver is willing, you’ll be able to give them instructions on the quickest route, from your pick up point to your drop off point. This is a particularly good idea, if you’re familiar with the area that you’re be traveling through. If you’re traveling through an unfamiliar area, you may want to consider using Google Maps, to view the different streets, that lead you to your final destination.

  1. Ask your driver to set their GPS navigation system, to show the shortest route

As all rideshare drivers have access to a GPS navigation system, you may be interested in asking your driver to set their GPS system to the shortest possible route. As an alternative, if you care about getting to your chosen destination as quickly as possible, you may want to consider asking your rideshare driver to program the fastest possible route into their GPS system.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the shortest route possible and the fastest route possible, the fastest route possible takes current traffic conditions into account. As whilst one route may be shorter in distance, it may involve navigating congested side streets or getting stuck in inner city traffic.

  1. Pick a rideshare driver who has a high rating

Rideshare drivers who have a high customer satisfaction rating are far more likely to take the shortest route possible, instead of taking you on a tiki tour of the city. If a driver has a one or two star rating, it’s well worth browsing for an alternative driver.

  1. Offer your rideshare driver a tip

If it’s important that you get from a to b, in the blink of an eye, it’s well worth offering your driver a bonus. As an example, you may want to offer your driver a bonus, if they get you to your final destination before a certain time. Without breaking any road rules, of course. If you’re willing to offer your driver a bonus, they’ll be sure to use the shortest possible route, in order to give themselves the best possible chance of receiving a tip.

  1. Pick a rideshare driver, who has been working for several months

A rideshare driver such as a Ridester driver, who has been working as a driver for several months or longer, will be far more likely to be familiar with the area that they operate in, than a newbie driver.

So if you’re concerned that a rideshare driver may try and swindle you out of your hard earned cash by taking an unnecessarily long route, it’s well worth using the 5 handy tips listed above, to make sure that they use the shortest route possible!