Gulmarg or even the field of flowers is really a bowl-formed small valley, found at altitude of 8,500 ft (2730 meters) over the ocean-level. It’s a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, who would like to laze round the snow-clad mountain tops and warm-up their winter days. The charming location is fortunate with tall groves of conifers, which remains engrossed in layers of white-colored snows. It beckons tourist from various areas of the world and challenges these to go skiing within the shinning tracks.

Ideal time to go to Gulmarg

A perfect time for you to enjoy skiing in Gulmarg comes from mid December to May.

Skiing in Gulmarg


Gulmarg within the Pir Panchal basin is easily the most searched for after spot for snow-skiers. The ice slopes of varies between 8,700 to 10,500 ft and it is greatest in India. Both experts and amateurs remain engaged to create a mark within the snow. Advanced skiers can also enjoy road to the greatest Apharwat Peak. The entire programme demands energetic move to have an hour. Enthusiasts can explore more having a Gondola Cable Vehicle ride, which matches as much as Kongdori.


Lately, Jamnu & Kashmir Government has planned to arrange Heliskiing in the renowned ski resort of Gulmarg, located in the northern a part of Kashmir.

Other snow-sports like Tobogganing, snow-scooter, snow-bobbing are highly enjoyed by vacationers, visiting Gulmarg. The sports requires no special skills and could be done by individuals associated with a age bracket.

Kashmir Snow Festival in Gulmarg

The Snow Festival in Gulmarg has exhibited the initial fusion of chance, culture and entertainment, altogether. The 3-day festival, on December 24 has warm-up the aura together with programmes like, Night Skiing, FAM Tours, National Ice Championship, cultural programmes etc. The festive season find yourself using the adventure from the national mix-country ski championship.