Travelling by air brings a world of far-off destinations just as close to home as Melbourne Airport, if you don’t mind the flight time and the expense of course. When you travel by air, you have enough waiting to do, whether it’s in traffic on your way to the airport, in line at the security checkpoints, or in the terminal before you board your flight. Wherever your destination, you’re going to have enough waiting in your itinerary as it is, and there’s no need to add one more waiting hassle that goes along with trying to find a parking spot at the airport. If you’re spending time trying to find a parking space only to find that the only spaces available are so far from the terminal that you’ll have to run a marathon to make your flight, you are missing out on the convenience of off-site parking and regular shuttle service to and from the terminal to your car.

Why Not Stick with On-Site Airport Parking?

On first thought, you might think it convenient to drive out to the airport, park in the first parking space you find, unload your bags, and take a leisurely stroll up to the baggage counter to check your bags and check in for your flight, but the experience is rarely that pleasant. The crowded on-site parking at the airport can be overrated, and you may have to spend more time than you planned looking for an available parking spot and then have to pay overpriced parking fees on top of it all. Airport parking in Melbourne doesn’t have to be inconvenient, and with off-site parking and shuttle service, you stand a far better chance of making your flight with time to spare.

What Are the Advantages of Off-Site Airport Parking?

If you had to list the reasons for preferring on-site parking over off-site parking, chances are that you’ll think of a closer proximity to the terminal as being a primary advantage, both in saving time and having to walk less distance with your bags. In reality, unless you give yourself considerable time to scour the airport parking lot for a space that is close to the terminal, you’re going to be walking farther than you planned. Alternatively, by using an off-site airport parking lot, you are giving yourself the advantage of considerable time savings and less hassle with baggage, as well as more competitive pricing. Finding a parking spot will be easier, and you can simply turn the care of your luggage over to the accommodating parking staff, who will see you to a fast and free shuttle and will take care of getting your luggage checked in for you.

More Than Just Long-Term Parking

When you leave your car in the care of a reliable off-site parking service, you are getting more than just a place to park. While you’re away, the staff can professionally detail your car, including a quality interior cleaning, exterior washing, and waxing so your car will be looking its best when you return from your travels. If you have been putting off your car’s regular maintenance because you simply haven’t had the time to get it done, you can pay the off-site parking service to take care of it while you’re away. With all of the benefits you stand to gain, why even consider on-site parking again?